4 Ways to Select the Best Hotel For An Event


A major decision in hosting an event is picking the perfect venue for the occasion. While there are many options around, there are defining factors that could affect your final selection. Here are five simple ways that can help you in choosing the best hotel for your event.

1. Know Your Budget

As soon you’ve come around the budget that you are willing to spend, the rest of the expenditure on the items such as food, beverage, decoration, entertainment, will follow. And because there are vast differences between the pricing of one hotel from others, start a research over their websites to find out their typical cost in amenities. Once you have trimmed your choices down to 3 – 4 hotels, go ahead and give them a call to get the exact amount they’ll charge each attendee for to get an overall estimate.


2. Number of Guests

It is common for hotels to set their minimum and maximum capacities for any event so when deciding, make sure you don’t pick a venue that could be too small or too large for your group as it may either overcrowd your guests or leave too much dead space. Ideally, an event planner should make a site visit to get a real sense of the occasion.

3. Identify Your Guest’s Age Group

Creating an appeal to your guests is critical in determining the success rate of your event. Keep in mind that older groups aged 50 and above prefer traditional luxury hotels while younger generations are more flexible with different themes and modern amenities.

4. Location and Parking

Traffic within the area of your selected hotel and parking spaces are also important when creating an appeal. If your budget permits, make an arrangement to provide transportation services for your guests’ convenience. It is also advisable to choose a hotel that can provide designated parking space or reservations for those traveling with their cars.

Just remember these tips when selecting your venue. Also take consideration how the location can help boost the event’s attendance effortlessly. Hence, make a wise decision by picking the right hotel.

4 Secrets to Get the Most Out of Sponsors Participating in Your Event


Many conferences and gatherings, nowadays, are considered successful because of the presence of sponsors. While this is true, novice event planners are not aware how they can maximize what their event can get out of their sponsor’s participation. Here are a few tips how one can turn an excellent opportunity into a great advantage.

1. Match Your Audience Demographics with a Relatable Sponsor

In most cases, event planners already know their target audience, and this is when the opportunity begins. Select sponsors that will compliment the activities of your event. For instance, a gadget convention will fit IT-related sponsors such as computer and electronic brands. Likewise, a triathlon event will match sports-related sponsors such as outdoor, gears, and bicycle brands.


2. Talk to your Sponsor’s Marketing Representative

An excellent way to maximize your sponsor is by finding out their most favorable participation and what they have done to determine its success. This factor will open new ideas for your event as well as partnership in future occasions. Determining their budget allotment is also helpful when envisioning a customized opportunity that you and your sponsor can bring to your attendees.

3. Require your Sponsor to Make Announcements

Most event organizers forget this simple trick. Your sponsor’s social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, already have generated a fan base and this is the perfect spot you can use to announce your event. Talk to your sponsor and have them make 2-3 online announcements using your event poster weeks before your target date to create impact and increase attendees.


4. Request for Brand Ambassadors

When creating a support team for your event, it is wise to ask for brand ambassadors, especially if you plan to provide a designated space for their brand and products. Conduct an orientation for these volunteers to make them knowledgeable of the flow of the event.

Don’t forget to include these simple yet effective tasks when entertaining sponsorships for your events.

4 Tips to Ensure Great Content In Your Event


Enhanced social media activity, good survey results, improved recognition, increased sales or a specific goal established by the host all determine the success of your event. Better results come after a well-planned and a genuinely informative talk from keynote speakers. Let’s discuss some tips that will help pack your conference with excellent content.

1. Collaborate the Program Flow with a Conference Expert

Trust an expert’s advice when structuring the flow of your event. An experienced lecturer or program organizer should be able to sequence your content and activities in such a way that it supports learning and encourages insights for your audience.

2. Enlist a Content Expert

It simply is a logical decision to have a distinguished professional involved in your conference. Many practices this as attendees always look for basic and new information about your niche. It pays to have someone who’s trained with the ins and outs of your business, especially when your attendees throw unexpected questions during the forum.


3. Have Your Speakers Tailor-Fit Their Content To Your Topics

Provide a theme or an outline of your argument to your speakers so they get a better understanding of both the flow and message you want to send out to your audience. While many stakeholders are considered experts in their fields, most of them may stick their speech to the same dialogue whenever asked to present. Politely make them commit to your goals and theme.

4. Involve Your Audience

Many attendees forget what they have listened to after sitting for hours in a conference. One way to make them remember your message and their experience is to get them involved with interactive discussions. However, a relevant and informative talk may also turn into a dull program so make sure you and your speakers create a variety of activities for your crowd to engage to and enjoy.


Follow these steps when planning for an event. After all, you don’t want people to remember your event with the wrong impressions.

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